Go-Seva (Cow Protection Service)

What is Go-Seva

Go-Seva is a social initiative focused on providing cow welfare services and promoting compassion towards all living beings.


Go-seva is important because it promotes kindness to cows, helps preserve cultural and spiritual values, and contributes to environmental sustainability..


Go-seva offers spiritual benefits such as increasing devotion, humility, compassion, generosity, purity, and selfless service. It also helps to reduce negative emotions and cultivates positive qualities.


Go-puja is an auspicious ritual performed to honor cows, regarded as sacred in Vedic culture. Cows symbolize wealth, strength, and motherly love. It involves offering prayers and food. Please contact us to have go-puja offered on your behalf or for a family member or friend.

About Us

Rising Moon Farm - About Us

Our purpose is to protect and care for cows for the duration of their lives in keeping with the teachings contained in the Vedic literatures and the instructions of His Divine Grace, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. We provide our cows sufficient pasture for fresh grass, fodder, water, shelter, and loving care.

Our location adjacent to the ISKCON Temple of the Holy Name allows us to share our love for cows with the many guests who visit the temple and our Goshala (cow shelter). Our visitors are invited to interact with the cows, under the guidance of our caretakers. Everyone leaves with a new appreciation of these affectionate, curious, and very social beings, as well as a better understanding of the sacred role of cows in Vedic culture.

Rising Moon Farm is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501c3 corporation. The rising moon is a symbol for Lord Caitanya, Who, along with Lord Nityananda, is worshipped daily in our temple. Join us in serving this humble being. Supporting and protecting cows will earn you Lord Krishna's blessings for all time.

Temple & Goshala

Our Goshala (Cow Shelter) and ISKCON temple is situated at Prabhupada Village in Sandy Ridge, NC. The area is breathtakingly beautiful with lush, rolling hills and covered with vast and varied trees

Ganga & Yamuna

Ganga & Yamuna our sacred cows are very beautiful and affectionate Gir Cows. Gir's cattle native tract is Gir hills in Gujarat and name of the breed comes from the forest of Gir.

Mamata Devi
Mamata Devi

Mamata Devi actively sees to the welfare of Ganga and Yamuna, and this service keeps her and other volunteers happily engaged.


Thank you to all who have generously donated. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and make a significant impact.
You can mail your donation checks to Rising Moon Farm, 1283 Prabhupada Road, Sandy Ridge, NC - 27406

Feed the Cows |

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Feed the Cows

Your generous donation to Feed the Cows will contribute to procure hay, bedding straw, grain, protein and mineral supplements to feed cows in the Goshala (Shelter)

Perform a Go-Puja |

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Perform a Go-Puja

Please contact us to visit our Goshala to perform Go-Puja or feed the cows for your special occasion. If you are unable to come personally, we will perform the services on your behalf.

Goshala Maintenance |

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Goshala Maintenance

Your generous donation will help Rising Moon Farm Goshala (Cow Shelter) to clean, sanitize and for any repair & maintenance work

Pasture Maintenance |

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Pasture Maintenance

Your generous donation will help our Goshala land to maintain a healthy and productive pasture for our cows to graze. Its maintenance involves seeding, fertilizing, adding lime and weed control etc.

Cow Shelter Construction Project

We are pleased to announce the commencement of Phase Two of the project, which aims to install siding, rain gutters, barn doors,
flooring and drywall on the second floor, as well as painting and pasture maintenance. Your continued support for this phase would be
greatly appreciated. We express our gratitude in advance for keeping Ganga and Yamuna, Lord Krishna's sacred cows, in your thoughts.

Contact Us

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Our location

Please send an email or call us to schedule a visit with our cows..

1283 Prabhupada Road, Sandy Ridge, NC - 27406 336-339-3070 goshala@risingmoonfarm.org